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riders, ac transit warns commuters their employee "sickout" is expected to enter its second week to >>> good morning, monday july 26th, may be a rough ride for ac transit riders. >> there could be an extension of their employees sick out. drivers calling in sick last week they think they will do the same thing this week. >> word from london, tony hayward is out as chief executive officer of bp, that word expected in a few hours and a man who group up along the gulf coast is expected the take his place. >>> students at brig ham young university utah, they are trying to set a world record for a water balloon fight ever been hit in the face with a water balloon, that hurts. >> interesting story. >> no, tracy. >> whenever you do something like this you run the risk of turning around and it hurts. >> like dodge ball. >> i know. it is all bad. >> anything thrown at your face. >> oh, delicate flowers over here. give us traffic and weather. >> traffic for you this morning this over turned milk truck in brent wood. close between 2nd and central, several hundred gallons we are told, milk s
it. story coming up in a live report. >> and some a.c. transit bus drivers are mad about contract negotiations and not going to work. i'm teresa garcia live in fremont. that was the situation yesterday. could it happen again today? passengers are wondering if they will be delayed. we'll have full details coming up. >> they are considering a new situation to ban smart meters to be installed. >> extensive clouds across the bay. much cooler day today. >> here is a live shot of the bay bridge toll plaza, no delays but a motorcycle crash at shiloh in windsor and possible alternates around a.c. transit buses. >> thank you for joining us. i'm eric thomas. >> i'm kristen sze. top story, oakland city council is moving forward on a plan that would make it the first in the nation to legalize marijuana growing operations on a grand scale with a plan to profit off of pot have some crying foul. terry mcsweeney has more on the historic vote. >> the small manner growers, the ones in operation are afraid they will be left behind on this thing. when the smoke clears, they will be out of business. c
off today. i'll have the latest coming up. >>> i'm jade hernandez, a judge's decision could affect ac transit riders. >>> the charges oakland police now plan to seek against a man who took over an emergency room. that's all ahead on ktvu channel 2 news at noon. >>> i'm heather holmes in this new time for tory campbell. we begin in the south bay where it's been very difficult day for for firefighters that are being laid off. >> reporter: one by one the first phase of firefighters being laid off showed up to turn in their gear. >> the reality set in about five minutes ago. >> reporter: 13 of the 49 firefighters are saying their final goodbyes. many staff members came in on their day off to pay their respects. today firefighters were greeted with hugs and given words of encouragement from firefighters. >> he wished us success. he said it was the first day we meet and hopefully not the last. >> reporter: the new chief which starts tomorrow was here to say goodbye. >> i'm amazed i only made it one year and i'm getting let go. >> reporter: the city is battling a budget shortfall. that's wh
. it's tuesday, july 20. >> good morning, everyone. if you ride a.c. transit, rude awakening again this morning for some of you. a.c. transit drives staging an apparent sickout yesterday and everybody wading to see if there will be more service disruptions today. >> some housing activists have taken over the building in the san francisco mission district. we'll tell you what they are demanding. >> bic doings in southern california. they will get the television helicopters out. actress lindsay lohan scheduled to begin her 90-day jail sentence today. >> wonder how many live shots they will be doing. >> big news. >> we are going to ask you if you think the actress should spend time behind bars. >> they call it lindsanity. someone told me that not that i read this type of stuff all the time. >> but we have gotten everybody up to date. now we have to get them out the door to work. they can look at it on their computer when they get to work. >> you mentioned the a.c. transit delays are possible? i want to go to the east bay and show you the freeways out there. yeah, they are warning us o
and we'll show you that video -- coming up. >> reporter: a judge could end the dispute between a.c. transit and its union drivers. we'll explain how. we're live in oakland. >>> good afternoon. topping our news this noontime -- in the last hour there's been a dramatic development in san francisco where homeless squatters took over a building in the mission district. police have moved in to remove the squatters. ktvu's kraig debro joins us now to explain why. good afternoon, kraig. >> reporter: good afternoon, tori. the problem with homelessness in san francisco is underscored by those two people sitting at 20th and mission. this is the same building where, just yesterday afternoon, people took over a building here and spent the night. police arrested the homeless who took over this building at 20th and mission. but that doesn't mean they didn't go quietly. [ speaking in spanish ] >> reporter: if you heard that chant but don't understand the words, that's "the people will never be united" in spanish. at around 11:00 a.m. this morning police escorted people out of the building. a hand
dispute hitting bus drivers against ac transit won't be solved before monday leaving riders wondering again if buses will run this weechblgtd today the union asked a judge to interseed. -- interior seed what. did the judge have to say to that? >> reporter: she said she needs to think bit for a little while in the monday. ac transit says it has to close a projected $56 million budget deficit over two years. and that it had to impose a contract for a quick $16 million savings. >> ac transit bus drivers and mechanics have been working under an imposed contract since july 18th. today, lawyers for their union were in an alameda county courtroom asking a judge to lift that contract and put things back as they were before the 18th. lawyers for ac transit were there, too, arguing their side the judge said she'll decide monday at the earliest. in the meantime, drivers say they'll continue to work. >> we said we're going to work. we're working. we're working. my members are we working? yes. >> and a key legal question is whether either side broke rules of an agreement made with another judge wh
live this is kron 4 news at eleven o'clock. more frustration for ac transit bus drivers a decision that could settle the contract dispute between the transit agency in the drivers union did not happen as planned today. tonight kron 4 looks at how the delay will mean more canceled and delayed roups this weekend. but for southern california on fire. thousands of firefighters are battling several fires including a fast- growing one that is burning dangers the cluster homes and vital power lines. >> the fire near palmdale continuing to grow hundreds of home and a major power lines in the area threatened 750 firefighters battling the blaze tonight. 13,000 a. and fire continues to spread quickly after it started yesterday afternoon. 2000 homes have been evacuated. kron 4 jonathan blum here with a look at the fire. >> marc this is one of five fires burning in california. two of them in l.a. county, to encourage county and one in northeast corner of the state. this is clearly the most dangerous as we go a little closer you can see all the evacuation centers around this fire. let's move a l
staff from any of the member agencies, such as ac transit, the mta? i think all of us should probably have some folks there to help supplement this and just make sure it is as smooth a transition as possible. that is something agency-wide we're looking at in the mta to make sure. you are planning to do that, too? there may be some coordination needed of all of these volunteers or employees that are going to be at the temporary terminals. >> we are in close coordination with meany -- with muni and with ac transit who will be working with the program. we're working closely with our staff on what dates they can help supplement our efforts. we will have a terminal right inside the entrance, and then they will be there as well and walking through the site. also, i know that ac transit plans on having a table during the move once we are over at the temporary terminals for that week. at different times. an mta will have different staff available walking around. we have also created ambassador program shirts, so everyone will be easily identified. each transit agency will be wearing their on
get used to. >> 949 the labor dispute continues between ac transit and its union bus drivers yesterday's 41 lines were cancelled after more than 150 drivers called in sick joining us now is ac transit union president claudia. which is got the numbers in today and they're saying 147 union drivers have called in sick to think that's accurate? >> i don't think it's accurate. it sounds like the numbers going down. i cannot agree with ac transit numbers. those are those numbers i don't know if they're true or not. all i know is we are working. >> you're saying the majority are working that is about 15% out. you do want to call attention to the fact you are having a dispute do you not? >> yes. actually there is a labor dispute. the fact is this whole process is on there any legal. ac transit was ordered by the court to come back to the table and negotiate. today is a 30 that ac transit has not talked to the union. now, they are threatening if they do they will cut weekend service. if they win they will impose a contract on us. this is the executive vandalism and it's not fair. >> that's the
? >> i'm settled. >> working on it. [ laughter ] >> back to you. >> thank you. >>> a.c. transit is warning passengers there could be more service disruptions today. anne makovec is in, checking on the chances that some drivers might be calling in sick again today. anne, good morning. >> reporter: will they or won't they? at this point we are not sure. but, of course, passengers who depend on a.c. transit wonder if they will have a ride to work. yesterday over 200 a.c. transit bus drivers called in sick or didn't show up. that's 20% of the bus drivers in the system, leaving passengers depending on the east bay's largest bus system either stranded or inconvenienced. service across the dumbarton yesterday, for example, was cut in half. the driver's union denies this was a true sick-out but says new work rules and interim account that went into effect on sunday changes driver's schedules and they weren't ready for their assignments. those new rules are the latest chapter of an ongoing dispute between a.c. transit and the union over pay and benefits. on friday the judge ordered both
>>> good morning, i'm teresa garcia live in fremont. could a.c. transit riders be stranded again today? >> and more cars on the road i'll keep traffic for you. here is a live shot from 101 and 880 in san jose and we have major road work going on in hayward. >> hundreds of people in walnut creek show their support for johannes mehserle. >> in san jose a permanent anti-communist protestor is in jail today. >> sun coming up, it's 6:04 but it will take time for the fog to burn off. >> it's about 4:31 this tuesday morning. i'm eric thomas. >> and i'm kristen sze. topping our news, commuters that take a.c. transit buses could face major delays stemming from a labor dispute. many drivers called sick in yesterday about an imposed contract. >> you know about 200 of those a.c. transit drivers didn't show up for work yesterday. it is still unclear whether they will call out sick again today. this is all in dispute over a negotiated contract that has been imposed on them. those that will suffer are going to be the passengers, for example here at the a.c. transit hub, no buses just yet but we
of another workweek, what commuters want to know about ac transit service. >>> and legalize pot now. why one of the bay area's former top cops is behind this cause. ,,,, ♪ [ horns honking ] ♪ [ male announcer ] come into an at&t store and experience tv like you've never seen before. ♪ for a limited time, get u-verse tv for only $29 a month for 6 months with dvr included. a fantastic opportunity to get 0% apr financing on every new 2010 cadillac model. like the cts sport sedan. the most acclaimed vehicle in its class and a "car and driver" 10 best, three years in a row. or the all new cadillac srx luxury crossover. and even the most acclaimed luxury suv ever, the cadillac escalade. summer brings out the best in all of us. hurry in to get 0% apr financing on every new 2010 cadillac during cadillac's "summer's best" sales event, going on now at your cadillac dealer. ♪ >>> ac transit commuters might need to get an earlier start tomorrow. the agency is accusing drivers of staging a sick out which is causing delays. union reps say that's not true. linda yee checked in with both sides tonig
's monday. >>> thank you. 5:02 a.m. >> ac transit riders are bracing for what could be another week of service disruptions. ann mac vick is in oakland. good morning. >> reporter: good morning the rivers are caught in the middle no pod diknows what to ex-- body knows what to expect for their morning commute. the drivers don't show up for work buses don't roll. it is clear ac transit commuters should expect delays all week. last week 200 drivers called in sick each day more than a quarter of total drivers on duty and that is twice the average number of sick calls. union reps says the not a sick out. workers are just trying to adjust to new schedules and routes. >> the service, ac transit puts on the street, does not have enough bus operators to work it. we are not on a sick out we are working to the best of our ability. >>> working conditions at ac are perfectly safe. the union knows that they are being dishonest when they say otherwise. the routes are the same, the drivers are participating in a rolling sick out the only people it is hurting are riders. >> reporter: this morning they
union denies. more than 230 ac transit workers on monday, then tuesday and now today have called in sick, most are bus drivers. some transit riders have noticed a change. >> the bus driver that was driving was new. he did not know the route, wasn't nobody on the bus to show him which way to go. he passed up all of his turns. >> reporter: today, 230 out of 1200 ac transit workers called in sick. in, in the midst of a labor dispute, but the union says it's not a deliberate act. >> this is not a sick-out. ac transit has created a chaos in the way that transit is provided on the street. >> reporter: union president claudia hudson says ac transit imposed a contract on the union and made drastic changes to routes. [ inaudible ] >> reporter: for safety reasons. >> the bus driver has diabetes who can't see at night. he's now forced to work nights. >> reporter: but ac transit spokesman says the union is being disingenuous at best. >> different people are phoning in sick at different days yet the number remains around 200 or above. they are not being honest with the public. >> reporter: si
of ac transit called in sick and greed that the district has imposed a contract and they face a $56 million deficit and say pay cuts are needed. we have the latest. >> reporter: more than 230 ac transit workers have called in sick most are bus drivers. they report minor disruptions in service and some say they have noticed the change. >> the bus driver that was trading was new and he did not know the route and there was not nobody on the bus to show him which way to go out and he passed up all of his turns. >> out of 12 plundered ac transit workers, the union says despite the labor dispute this is not an organized sick out but they are calling in sick because of drastic changes in the union calls a safety issue. >> having a bus operator with diabetes who cannot see at night and is forced to work nights. >> ac transit spokesman says the union is being disingenuous at best and the union is fighting back against the contract imposed on them by ac transit p. he says the drivers are not being placed on trained on unfamiliar or unsafe for roads. >> this is a ruling sick out because diffe
crash. >> reporter: and the feud between ac transit and its drivers continues today. we'll have the latest claims from the union. that story and more. the noon news is moments away. >>> good afternoon. we begin this noontime with a tragic story out of concord. a 2-year-old boy was mauled to death this morning by his family's pit bulls. the attack happened at the family's home on the 1700 block of trail creek court around 8:45 this morning. contra costa county animal services say the boy had walked into gravel where the -- garage where the three pit bulls were kept. you can see the yellow tape there. police still on the scene. the 2-year-old boy was pronounced dead at the hospital. two adult relatives and a younger child were inside the house when the boy was attacked. the pit bulls have been taken by animal control officers. >>> a horrible greyhound bus accident that killed six people in central california. it happened just before 2:00 a.m. on northbound highway 99 just outside of downtown fresno. the bus was headed from los angeles to sacramento with at least 47 passengers on b
in fremont. a.c. transit negotiations continue over a newly imposed contract. there is a lot of controversy. could there be more walkouts? >> and you may want to consider bart this morning. if you can drive, no delays and here is a live shot. >> making low clouds making their way inland for a cooler afternoon. >> it's 5:00 a.m. thank you for waking up. it's breezy out there. i'm eric thomas. >> and i'm kristen sze. oakland could take a big step to be the first city in the nation to license full scale marijuana production plant. biggest critics are mom and pop growers themselves. terry mcsweeney is live in oakland to explain. >> i'm out at the university where they do the cultivation of marijuana. they are in favor of the big guys getting involved in the pot growing operations but the little guys are concerned they will be left behind. they are considering a measure that would allow permits for four indoor marijuana growing operations, we're talking big operations, one company wants to grow 100,000 square feet of cannibis, imagine two football fields. for now they can only sell to medical di
news that six. more secure its in the ec transit dispute and more delays for ac transit riders will last at least through the weekend. a judge today delayed a ruling on whether or not to order an injunction against an imposed contract to ec transit and its workers. christine conley is live at the trans bay terminal where details on not a hell riders are being affected. christine. >> or cancellations tonight or in great ac transit riders here at the trends the terminal 15 lines have been cancelled tonight. 157 drivers have called in sick according to ec transit. both sides wanted to court today and many riders were hoping there were be some resolution to this situation that has led to two weeks of delays for them as kron 4 dam, and tells us looks like there will be a decision until the beginning of next week. >> after to and how half-hour or resolution there's no resolution. attorneys for ac transit workers asked the judge to block a new contract that was unilaterally imposed by ec transit sing a judge ruled that it would be up to an arbitrator to decide what the new contract wo
expect for today coming up. james. >> thank you. a big story we're following ac transit we're keeping a close eye on the agency because there may be another day of delays for writers. this is a shot of one of their hubs, in emeryville incidentally a, a contract dispute between the agency and its workers have riders caught in the middle kron4 is will tran has been following this story good morning well. >> if you rely an ac transit to get around your bus might be late, it all depends on the drivers to call than sick yesterday will return to work eat today. yes a nearly one in five of them called an sec, ac transit officials said there was an unusually high number of sick calls forcing the agency to balder's to writers. on sundays he chanted imposed a new contract on the workers the contract the workers simply do not like. the union claims of the workers were not engaged in a sick out. fremont, which ran, kron4 news. >> if you typically ride ac transit and your experience delays today let us know about you can reach us at one of two ways you can send as a tweet or you think of your face
for ac transit expected. no changes in the contract negotiations between the bus system and the union. as a result another sickout is expected causing delays and cancellations for riders. it is about contract negotiations that are at an impasse. both sides have to go to arbitration in the meantime ac transit can impose its contract. the drivers union will be fighting it this way ac transit board of ed directors may appeal the order for binding arbitration. >> a change in leadership may be in store at 4 bp. reports in the states and overseas say bp see all tony award is on his way out. bp says no final decision has been made about a possible management change the board meets today the day before the company announces results for the second quarter. one of the possible replacements is the lob dudley heer is dealing with the day-to-day events of the oil spill. he would be the first american to head the oil giant. back on track after tropical storm bonnie they will reconnect a drill rig to the relief tunnel that will pump in mud and cement to sell the ball. drilling could resume in the ne
. >>> and ac transit travelers can experience another frustrating day. we have had details, up next. >>> good morning to you, welcome to the middle of the week. you made it. wednesday, july 21. i am dave clark. >> good morning. and i am pam cook. let's start with the weather. mark is in for steve. what is weather like? >> good morning to you. the weather has not changed too much. fog and drizzle this morning, temperatures head into the 50s. skies partly sunny, more sunshine inland and fog around the beaches. afternoon seabreezes kick in, 15 to 25 miles per hour. more in the forecast in a few minutes. sal now has an update on traffic. good morning, sal. >>> good morning. looking at traffic on interstate 880. moving along pretty well. we will be following that as we monitor traffic in the area. if you look at the bay bridge, small delay in the cash lanes, but really nothing major heading into san francisco. back to dave and pam. >>> late last night the oakland city council approved an ordinance that would make the city the first in the country to license marijuana cultivation. claudine long
coming up. >> thank you. state officials will investigate a nursing home in baltimore where the ac broke and calendar elderly resident has to deal with hot temperatures for days. that's not the only problem caused by this heat wave. kristin is live with that part of the story. >> reporter: still hot and sticky out here at this hour. you know you heard the city was going to extend the hours of the many pools because of this hot weather but things didn't go so well at one of the most popular pools. as for this nursing home state officials want to know yacht ac broke and why they weren't told until a resident called 911. 150 residents in the ravenwood center in west baltimore had to be moved out, a process that went on for much of the day wednesday. a spokesman for the state department of health said the ac stopped working here some time this past saturday. no one told the state until a resident finally called 911 shortly after midnight on tuesday. fortunately the spokesman said there were no heat related medical problems. across town in patterson park this isn't the scene. city officials w
, coming to check your ac. >> reporter: he's a man in high demand. >> business is wonderful in the summer. every ac mechanic around the world love the summer. >> reporter: robert cotton of snr heating and air has been keeping people cool 30 years. his job is to help people like donna smith whose air conditioner went out two days ago. >> it was horrible. >> reporter: fortunately for donna, it was an easy repair. >> he always finds it fast too. >> reporter: during the summer months, robert normally gets about six calls per day during the week. >> you talking about 104 degrees and you don't have no air conditioning? i couldn't stay in that house neither. >> reporter: and about 10 per day on the weekend. >> i'm going to check your air conditioner. can i come in. >> sure. >> they don't really care. if you introduce yourself as the air conditioning man, come on in, fix this for me please. >> reporter: sometimes it's a quick fix. other times, it's more complicated. >> we probably have bad capacitorors, censor motors, relays, blower motor inside could be going bad or a compressor burn out or lock
car fires in west contra costa county that began last year. >>> for a second straight day, ac transit drivers had to deal with late buses and a slow commute as unionized drivers failed to show up to work. the drivers are staging a sick out, upset of a contract that  increases their health care cost. today an alameda superior court judge refused to grant a restrain order. more than 200 bus drivers or 20% of ac transit's work force failed to show up to work yesterday and again today. >> same people were still waiting for buses, getting more increasingly frustrated and finally i said, look, we just need to give up. >> ac transit drivers have been working without a contract since june 20th. the proposed budget would help ac transit from closing a gap. and for those looking to ride ac transit tomorrow, sick outs are still expected tomorrow. >>> congress could pass the $34 million extension by tomorrow. helping americans and californias who's benefits have run out. >> we'll be able to go back and automatically file the extension for them. checks as early as next week for some people and f
back some asians to women may become pregnant grandparents. >> ac transit riders stranded again today amid what go by drivers and an ongoing dispute between the district and its the latest problems with the union's legal actions against the district. >> a judge has postponed until july 30th of their ruling on whether to throw out a new contract imposed by ac transit to of its drivers. the contract calls for wage freeze, no overtime to drivers reach 40 hours a week, increases copays for employee health insurance and implements a two-tier pension plan one for a veteran 5]'htdrivers and one fo. ac transit said the alternative is layoffs. >> if the contract is overturned ac transit bus drivers will face layoffs as well as cutbacks in service because the district can afford the contract that the unions are demanding. the union doesn't like the contract was imposed because of us them to contribute to the health care payments and increases their salaries. we don't think that's a bad deal given these bad economic times. ç million dollar deficits in the new contract will see the district abou
of france -- offramp [no audio] input on that. as you know, that is something at the request of ac transit, so we are continuing to follow up with that. we're also continuing our discussions of the planning department surrounding the bus storage and so forth along with the san francisco redevelopment agency. with respect to utility relocations, we are expecting that utility relocation packages will be issued for bid during the first week of august. these will be divided in seven discrete packages to encourage bidding by local, small, and minority-owned firms, so there will be more information on that in the upcoming few days. at&t has completed the installation of their phase one [no audio] on first street. the balance of that will be completed. once telecommunications services is terminated, which is expected to occur in august. with respect to the temporary terminal, we are still working on finalizing some details, working detailscaltrans to address additional items they have requested -- working with caltrans. we finalized the lease agreement with greyhound, and you will be hearing abou
no resolution to the ec transit contract dispute attorneys for ac transit workers asked the judge to block the new contract that was unilaterally imposed by ac transit sing a judge has ruled would be up to an arbitrator to decide what the new contract would look like. they should go back to the old contract in the meantime carried >> what did judge compelled us to go arbitration the rules are that we don't strike, and the district don't impose. we have not strike, we are not on a sickout we are working but the district has imposed. it looks like it's kind of one-sided. >> teacher is argue there's no problem putting a new contract at least until the arbitrator makes the new decision because the old contract had expired. >> sea trenches spokesperson said of the judge rules against them it will leave the district in the financial disaster. >> the district would lose all $60 million in savings that would lead to layoffs, union drivers as wallace: possibly the loss of weekend ac transit service for all over riders. >> the authority is expected to issue her ruling sometime on monday. in oakland
clouds and fog this morning. we do have a cooler forecast. >> plus a warning, if you plan to take ac transit, we will tell you why bus passengers could face big delays today. the morning news continues. >> complete bay area news coverage continues. this is ktvu channel 2 morning news. >> good morning, thank you for joining us. it is tuesday -- [ inaudible ] >> weather and traffic, mark tamayo is in for steve this morning. good morning. >> good morning. cooler temperatures that is the big weather headline for today and over the next few days. the fog is back in full force, even a few patches inland. in the afternoon skies partly sunny and patchy coastal fog and the cooling trend will continue. no more 90s, afternoon sea breeze will kick in. sal is standing by with an update on traffic. >> southbound 101 at shiloh road there is an accident blocking almost the entire freeway southbound. they have closed even one more lane. the shoulder is the only way to get by now. southbound 101 at shiloh road so give yourself plenty of time. >>> also looking at all the commute. bay bridge not a big d
will continue to follow this story. claudine wong, ktvu channel 2 news. >> 5:02. ac transit is warning east bay bus riders an escalating labor dispute could lead to major service disruptions today. jade hernandez joining us live with the details of what may happen. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. we are live this morning in front of the yard where ac transit buses are dispatched. in fact, this is the place the number of drivers reporting to work was less than usual yesterday. ac transit called it a sickout. the union is not just yet, but what did happen is quite a few drivers, enough to effect service, called in sick a day after a newly imposed contract became effective. so much so the service across the dumbarton bridge was down 50%. yesterday they had 8 buses. the union is expected today to head to court to get an injunction which lifts the current schedule. it instituted new rules in several areas. ac transit, on the other hand, says if the union has their way they can expect additional layoffs and service cuts. the new contract, ac transit says, helps cut the district's cost by mor
who take ac transit on the weekend you may just need to find another ride. details in this story are straight ahead. >> one day after police killed a pregnant cow at the state fair there is a new incident to tell you about involving five calves. >>> and i will be back here in about five minutes with tomorrow's forecast. it does include some warming as we head towards the weekend. . >> it's been debated for decades but today the metropolitan transportation commission gave the okay to spend $5 million to design a suicide barrier for the golden gate bridge. the barrier would be a steel net suspended below the net to camp jumpers. the $5 million in design money is coming from the federal government. golden gate bridge directors are going to september meeting at therapy meeting on august 18th. >>> the angry dispute between ac transit and the drivers may end all weekend service if they don't come to a decision soon. mike mibach with the report. >> reporter: frank, ac transit says they need to cut $15 million so if it can't take it out of the pockets of the bus drivers it just may have
, if he is convicted. both of the suspects are due in court next week. >> 5:05. the ac transit labor dispute heads to court today. a judge may decide whether or not to overturn a contract that was imposed on ac transit workers. the contract changed work rules and shifted hours. angering bus drivers, who -- [ inaudible ] >> -- budget deficit. ac transit says if the judge reinstates the old contract all weekend transit service could be eliminated. >> 5:05 on this friday morning. it is early but never too early to go to sal and see how the commute is, sal. >> dave and claudine it is early but traffic is doing pretty well around the bay area right now. let's move along and you can see that it is a nice drive on 80 westbound as you drive from richmond to berkeley and ultimately to oakland to the bay bridge toll plaza. and at the toll plaza the traffic is light. no problems on the upper deck of the bay bridge. they have picked up road work there overnight on the span. we have a nice look at 280 that moves nicely up to highway 17 and northbound 17 also wide open coming down to the bottom of
we can do it. >>> today marked the third day of ac transit delays due to a labor dispute. on mane 209 drivers called in 6. yesterday and today, 230 workers called in 6. kron 4's crity spoke to both sides. >> reporter: this is sam, the spokesperson for the transit. the union is staging a sick out and she says that's not true. >> this is a sick out because they are not the same people. 20% of the work force has been missing. >> this is not where the union told its members to go sick and not go to work. >> reporter: the union says on sunday when the new contract was imposed schedules were changed. >> they have rearranged everyone's lives. >> some of my members are calling in sick. because i have one member that has diabetes who can't drive at night. because he can't see. ac transit put him on a night run. >> all the drivers know all the shifts and the routes. everything said by the union today are false and propaganda. >> reporter: ac transit said the union is hurting riders. the union says it's the transit's fault. neither side would say how long it with -- how long it might go on. >>>
about doing the same thing. >>> ac transit riders may want to prepare for more canciled trips en routes and longer waits today. bus drivers are expected to continue their sick-out for the fourth straight day. yesterday, about 250 operators called in sick over what they say is an unfair work contract. after failed negotiations on sunday, ac transit imposed a new contract on employees that changes work rules and charges them more for health insurance. ac transit says changes are needed to close this massive budget crisis. the union denies it. the sick-out protest. there will be a union meeting in oakland for hundreds of ac transit union workers this morning. >>> new this morning, a live look from a parking lot near san francisco international airport where seven cars caught fire. look at them. they are just completely destroyed. it looks like you see how closely parked the cars tor one another. so it apparently started at one car and then spread to all the others. seven of them destroyed. arson investigators are on the scene this morning. they are trying to figure out what happened. wheth
. >>> if you ride ac transit, bring your patience today. the bus system and the drivers still do not have a deal and that could mean more delays on routes throughout the city. christie smith is live at oakland and she has a look at where that dispute stands today. christie? >> reporter: i can tell you there is a contract-related court date coming up this friday. also this week ac transit's board of directors may decide to take action here. until then, it looks like there may be more service zbrupdisrup happening this week. according to ac transit, between 180 and 230 bus drivers called in six each day last week, which they say is more than twice the average. for riders caught in the middle, it amounts to canceled runs and delays. the unions, they blame management here saying they waited until june 30th to walk away from the bargaining table and that's when ac transit's board imposed a contract. the agency is dealing with a $56 million budget deficit and management wants in part $15 million in concessions from the union workers. a judge stepped in and ruled that both sides would have to be
que la gerencia de "ac transit" les impuso a los trabajadores. anunciara la proxima semana su decision en cuanto a la legalidad de un contrato que fue impuesto a los trabajadores de "ac transit". ---el sindicato que representa a los choferes le pidio a la jueza que deseche un contrato que hace dos semanas les fue impuesto por la agencia de transporte, despues de que ambas partes no lograran llegar a un acuerdo laboral. ---con el contrato actual "ac transit" espera ahorrar mas de 15-millones de dolares, mientras intenta cerrar un deficit de 65-millones de dolares... pero los trabajadores dicen que algunas cÁusulas del contrato son injustas. en noticias de iberoamerica... --la muerte de uno de los capos mexicanos mas buscados, fue calificada por la "dea" como un golpe demoledor para el "cartel de sinaloa".--la agencia antidrogas estadounidense felicito al gobierno mexicano por el operativo de ayer en zapopan, jalisco en el que termino abatido "ignacio "nacho" coronel".--entre tanto, hoy en otro enfrentamiento, el ejercito mexicano maÓ al que se perfilaba como el sucesor del tambien lla
no plans to leave. >> reporter: it looks as if ac transit riders can expect delays for this morning. we will tell you for how long and why -- coming up. >>> and we'll find out how a cell phone may have contributed to a teen's death -- teen's death. "mornings on 2" starts right now. >>> well, good morning to you. welcome to "mornings on "mornings on 2." i'm dave clark. >> i'm tori campbell. it's tuesday, july 20th. >>> investigators say an arsonist is targeting the uc berkeley area. over the past 12 hours, three areas were torched which brings the total number to nine. claudine wong has been talking to police and has the latest. >> reporter: there are a lot of similarities with all of these fires. most of them involve trash cans like the one that used to be sitting out here in front of sam's market. most happened in the overnight hours all or near cal campus. the string of fires started friday. now, i did talk with a berkeley police officer out here this morning who was on the seen of this most recent fire t was a cash tran set on fire outside of sam's market. that officer told me this f
between ac transit and its drivers sit support today. the union is asking a judge to overturn the contract it has been imposed on them after the negotiations broke down. the drivers have been calling in sick and routes have been cancelled as a result. there are three possible outcomes from the hearing. first, the judge can drop a new contract and there could be an appeal putting them into limbo. the second, the judge will keep the current contract in place. thirdly, it will become unresolved which means this will leave the writers not knowing if they will be on time or not. stay with our website to stay with the updates. there are some departures that been cancelled, if you go on-line to their web site you can check to see the schedule and see if your trip will be on time. we'll be right back. where back and the dow is now down 34 points. right now the president of the u.s. justice is the u.s. department of justice filed a lawsuit thursday alleging that oracle corp. defrauded the government in a software deal that involved hundreds of millions of dollars. the suit claims that oracle misrep
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continues to organize. -- that acorn or ace continues to organize. i just wanted to ask you to respond to the criticism. >> at the beginning of this process, we reached out to over 100 organizations in bbq hunter's point. many of whom signed on note -- in the bayview hunters point. many of whom signed on. they also supported supervisor daly's measure that would have brought in 50% rentals into the bay viewb -- ayview. i am trying to find the right words here. the idea is that what we proposed was not only -- our goal as an organization is to empower people to move forward. we do not want them to stand still. we want them to have the ability to move forward economically, socially it, in every way possible. we want them to continue to move forward korean -- socially, in every way possible. we want them to continue to move forward. the units in alice griffith were fixed. there were horrible conditions. we fought for that. we went to the residents there, and we talked to them over and over again, "what is it you want to see come out of this project ," and they gave their input. we were wil
with fewer first on the streets. >> a negotiating tactic that left customer waiting and waiting, why ac transit was short about 100 drivers today. >> each side with a message for the other. but it doesn't seem like anyone was listening. due egg demonstrations over johannes mehserle. >> and just because you can doesn't mean you should. the philosophical question coming from a product being marketed on facebook. >> this is cbs5 eyewitness news. g 80 officers to . >>> good evening, i'm ken bastida -- >> i'm dana king -- >> oakland police are put to the test just days after losing 80 officers to layoffs. [ sound of gunfire ] >> it was a wild 48 hours starting around midnight sunday with a shooting on 580. 11:15 sunday night, police say that they were almost hit by gunfire at 8th street near add a line. 15 minutes later a man in town for a job interview at google was shot and killed in downtown oakland. this morning at ban cross and 79th streets, gunmen opened fire in front of an officer critically wounding one person. sharon chin on how police handled it and what might have been done with a
. >> hi. my name is jacqueline phillips. i'm with ace and i'm a member of the bay view heights community. >> good afternoon, supervisors. i'm a member of ace. >> my name is grace martinez and i'm an organizer with ace. >> we wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for moving the e.i.r. forward. we ask you to continue to support the project in the bay view. we will pledge that ace will continue to work to make sure that the residents of bay view take advantage of the many benefits that are attached to this project and again, we just wanted to thank you today. supervisor mirkarimi: thank you. next speaker, please. >> good afternoon, supervisors. peter warfield, library users association. i would like to think supervisor ross mirkarimi for what he did for libraries last month. at the june 16 budget and finance committee meeting, supervisor ross mirkarimi did a good thing for libraries and users of libraries when he expressed interest in the improvement of interim library service while branches are closed for renovation. your budget analyst had said the library should take a $400,000 cu
and look for news leaks. >> ec transit driver's sickout continues. ac transit said they make sense delays because the contract appeared about 230 drivers call the sick today over the past three days hundreds of drivers have not showed up for work. kron 4 spoke to both sides about what's going on and how long this sickout could last. >> this is the spokesperson for ac transit he said the unit is staging a sickout the union leader who you see here said that's not true if there's no sickout. take a look sent to both sides. >> 20% of the work force two days and wrote it's a slap in the face to riders. >> this is an instance where the union has told its members to call sicking could not work. the members who can work are at work. >> you said on sunday when the new contract was imposed work schedules were changed without note time for adjustments. >> rearranged within it everyone supplies within a one week notice. that's where members are calling in sick. i've learned never was diabetes who can't drive at night to because he can't see. ac transit has put him on a night to run. >> the drivers al
of cut ac transit delays. the drivers 1 and the contract so the transit agency says they're calling in sick to protest. on monday 209 drivers call the sick, tuesday 230 drivers, wednesday the student 30's. >> this is an singer the spokesperson for ac transit he said the union is staging a sickout. the union leader claude hudson we see here says that's not true there's no sickout. take a listen to both sides. >> this is of a cystic out there not the same people 20 percent of the workforce is the missing three days a row now. it's a slap in the face to riders. >> this is not an instance where the and told its members to go sick not come to work. the members who can come to work, are at work. >> unions said on sunday when the new contract was oppose work schedules and routes for change was no kind of adjustment. >> they of rearrange everyone's lives within the one with one week's notice. some of our members are called in sick off because have one member that has diabetes who can't drive at night because he can't see. ac transit has put him on the night wind. >> all the drivers know the
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